Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Friends once again CMC has proved the worth of its name and reputation. Within a month of obtaining a GO on land transfer, CMC officials compensated both the legal land owners and occupants yesterday(13-4-10). A total of around 2 crores was distributed to around 100 families. The highlight of this programme was entire Highcourt bench including chief justice of AP were present at the occassion. Everyone lauded the CMC efforts. That is the trust a common man places on CMC and CMC has lived up to it. It truely deserves to be Institute of National Importance.
So now friends, its not any other hospital, but CMC coming to Chittoor. We all know how mich the people of Chittoor trust CMC in any medical emergency.

Kudos to CMC.
Kudos to Dr. Suranjan Bhattacharji & CMC vellore association.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Latest developments in chittoor

As i have not been to or had touch with people in chittoor, i was eagerly waiting for info on developments in ctr.
Our dear friend Sudheer Reddy has sent me this info:

1. New ICICI bank branch and atm in KR palle near sherman school.
2. Federal bank has opened branch near raghava theatre.
3. SBI has opened two new ATMs in KR palle and palamner rd(With this no of sbi atms in ctr turns to 7)
4. Fountain at gandhi statue-courtesy jain irrigation is functioning well
5. Proposal submitted to govt to construct new bridge on neeva at kattamanchi.

Another friend Praveen KS has sent this info
1. road widening has started on Kajoor to Greamspet road and about to be completed in a week.
2. Survey work for widening of NH4 has started at tummindapalem.

Thank u sudheer and praveen for this info, for which all us chittooreans are eager to know.
I request the fellow chittooreans to mail me with any developments in and around chittoor. After all only thin we want is development of chittoor

CMC in CHITTOOR-one step forward

Dear friends, fist accept my apologies for absence from the blog for many days.

Now coming back to a vital developmental step for our the establishment of CMC campus in chittoor. Many developments took place in this regard.

1. The January concil meeting of CMC was held on January 28,29,2010. All the members ofcmc council attended the meeting including members of FOV from all over the world.The meeting was mostly taken up with progress reports on the efforts to launch a new campus in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh and to pass national legislation making CMC an “institution of national importance (INI).”The visionary director of cmc, Dr Suranjan bhattacharjee explained the status of new campus, and stressed for the expansion of cmc for future needs and turn into Centre of national importance.
The council agreed with him and empowered him to proceed with this matter as the main motto of cmc itself is offering the HEALING HAND TO THE POOR

2. The key problem for CMC has been establishing clear title to all of the Chittoor land—some 600 acres that CMC has been promised by the state government. There always seems to be one more document that needs to be received before CMC can build a wall around the property, thus establishing ownership and control. Cmc director discussed this several times with Dist collector Mr Seshadri, who conveyed this to CM Peshi and Revenue depts with alternatives.

3. Finally Govt issued a G.O no 237 dated 26-3-10,transferring the promised 640 acres land with alternative 70 acres allotted from marikalakuppam village of gudipala mandal. with this a total land of 640.17 acres has been clearly transferred to CMC. As the major road block is cleared, cmc association initiated steps to start constructing wall around this land

Now let's wait and see when cmc in Ctr will fructify.