Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CHITTOOR NRIs : Uniting the Chittoor Diaspora

Hi friends,
As you all know people from chittoor district are settled/working all over the world. Chittorians constitute a large diaspora in US & Canada.

Everything may not be green for everyone landing overseas, but those who are in a position to help can change the scenario. With the sole aim of guiding & aiding Non  Resident Chittoorians and to create a platform for interaction, chittoornri's were formed under the aegis of Telugu Association of North America (TANA).

The vision of Chittoor NRIs chapter:

  • Provide a unique and interactive platform to share the existence and experience
  • Disseminate valuable suggestions, guidance and assistance in various matters of interest such as charity, business, employment, immigration etc
  • Encourage people to lend a helping hand to one another in needy situations
  • Propagate ideas, ideologies that benefit the society in general and the native land in particular
  • Initiate socio-cultural and charitable activities that would make the ideologies and dreams come true
They also state that  this is only just beginning. We would like to extend the wings to cover the NRIs across the globe.

Upcoming Major Event:

As part of second aniversary celebrations@ TANA 2011, on July 2nd ChittoorNRIs are going to celebrate "100 years of Chittoor District" and also felicitation of followingprominent chittooreans with life time achievement award:
Dr Sundar Naidu
Dr Choudary D Voleti

As fellow chittoreans we feel proud of all the members of ChittoorNRIs for their commendable work and also congratulate the award winners.

I also request all the members/followers of mana chittoor, especially those in other countries to vist the site to contact the members for coordination, guidance and help if required.


  1. krishna rao velagapudiJune 29, 2011 at 10:27 PM


    Chittoor nris uniting in the name of chittoor district is great news.

    Thanks venkatesh for your coverage

  2. gowtham, PenumurJune 30, 2011 at 8:28 PM

    is it the same what we saw in newspapers 3 days back. It should have been given more space atleast in district edition.

  3. Yes,its begining to engroup NRCs,who would be pivotal in moulding up ctrs image n future universally.
    Expecting NRC-US,BLR,HYD...among those worldwide to be instrumental..

    Rumour is that SiddamPalli to YDM(IOC)train route is to be finalised soon.( ref locales)

    Looking for Updates abt GDN - Mega food park.

    YDM,GDN would make best of CTR city

  4. Hi venkatesh, one more important update missing in our blog is about Express highway to be constructed in between Chennai and Bangalore. It starts from Hoskote in bangalore and ends at sriperambadur in chennai with 240kms 6 lane road connecting the two cities at the shortest distance. It may not pass by chittoor, but passes through the corporation limits of chittoor(around 8-10 kms frm the town). A land survey is already done near yadamari for the express highway. Please check the below websites for the information:

  5. Hi Venky, can you please give me ur contact number...

  6. Hope the chittoornri s get inspired to start more industries in ctr district. Employment potential is the need of hour in our district

  7. Hi CTR..definitely CBE way would be a booster way for commerce of CTR corp.,Road transport to CMC.Importantly for YDM(IOC),GDPL it would major business churning route.

    The route is like from HSKT-Kasthuri Nagar -Baireddy Palli(entering the Koundenya Wild life sanctuary)-YDM- GDPL-NH4...This would explore the tourism around Kaigal water fall,Bhoomi reddy Palli (ydm md) - NANJARLA boating resort.

    Correction : Mega Leather park(not food Park)is proposed in the East ,on CTR -PTR highway, next to GDN.No extra info can be seen thenafter.

    Zoy alukkas is to open shortly at ,Next to Balaji mobiles.

    wish to see, I Town PS to be relocated somewhere to DPO,faciliating free vehicular movement.DPO can goto Outskirts(as RTO shifted to Prashanth NGR) with a limited pesonnel in the I town PS.

    Also the present day I town PS would be an appropriate location for installing Centenary make a merry go around!

  8. Though,we call upon India n China are the two fastest growing among the developing nations of the world.Fact remains China is way far ahead in most of aspects compared to India,latter could surpass former only in few areas.Their strength is visible at ,why couldnt we take some persistent stern steps in the border issues...
    Recent Beijing -Shangai bullet train inauguration,took me 2-3 yrs back,i read in hindu daily(dont remember the time period)which tabulated,that a japan based company showed their interest n need for a bullet train route facility bw BLR - CNI, then ,to cm Yediyurappa(Prv term).This time in the union govt.proposed list for bullet train routes we could see that being enlisted.Hope it kick starts soon,without much delay.Most probably this route would go close to VLR/KPD,we can deeply wish this would run through,ctr corp limits atleast.

    Nice to see UP govt.12 universities going to have the same syllabus through out.Unification of education is we need.Instead of wasting much money for each entrance(statewise/university wise).Inorder to get admitted to all professional courses if we have same syllabus n single entrance,throughout nation,talent doesnt go unused/misused.

    APIIC office to come up around PLR(-TPT route).

    CRPF batallion setting up work,seems moving quicker.

    Nice to see our dt,conistently topping up,in the last 3 yrs, execution of 20 formula scheme aiming to improvise the conditions of back wardclasses

  9. hey its good news to know lets hope we get more projects and still there are lot of people who dont know about this blogs cant we able to make it big let them know,

  10. Hi chiranjeevi, the blog is to share with like minded friends of chittoor. Friend to friend publicity is enough.

    Let the projects bring prosperity


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