Friday, June 24, 2011


²ÄnE-¹-®¾¢-®¾n© ‡Eo-¹-©ÊÕ Ÿ¿%†Ïd©ð …¢ÍŒÕ-¹×E Ưä¹ X¾{d-ºÇ© ²ÄnªáE åX¢*Ê ªÃ†¾Z-“X¾-¦µ¼ÕÅŒy¢ ‚ èÇG-Åéð NÕT-LÊ «Õªî «âœ¿Õ X¾{d-ºÇ© ²ÄnªáE Â¹ØœÄ åX¢ÍŒÕÅŒÖ “X¾Â¹-{Ê èÇK Íä®Ï¢C. 

È«Õt¢, *ÅŒÖhª½Õ, Š¢’î©Õ «áEq-¤Ä-L-šÌ-©ÊÕ Ê’¹-ª½-¤Ä-©-¹-®¾¢-®¾n-©Õ’à ²Änªá åX¢ÍŒÕ-ÅŒÕ-Êo{Õx ¨ªîV “X¾Â¹-šË¢-Íê½Õ.


  1. I am overwhelmed with joy. Thanks for breaking the news. I will read all online Telugu papers tomm and save them.

  2. Yes its great news. There are little more beureaucratic procedures viz, calling up for objections, limiting the boundaries and finally publishing it under Gazette Notification.

  3. Like the every other day,i took dt edn in to hands to look at the hand lines, couldnt see that heading"CTRs Royalty",only could respond with a wide smile,which ended the 2yr long wait desire or the dream for corp... Hope CTR Would move quick from here after...

    Congratulations to all the brethren of ctr,who whole heartedly prayed for this day.These are the few moments which we can enjoy n celebrate together as the proud citizens of ctr.

    I had saved quite a few articles reg the centenary celebrations of the dt.Its not too long to celebrate centenary yrs of CTR municipality-2017.By that time we should be able to learn more abt history of our CITY,the heroes,who contributed for the growth n developement in all these yrs.

  4. King lying uncared on the roads...!...yes, Its true,king amongst the fruits,in the city known for it,losing much revenues,crippling out those mango growers.
    Fuel rates are hiked,Salaries get hiked, regularly,but this time due to the syndicate ring formed among the interemediaries/middlemen who bring crop to the market n the desire to cultivate in vast area,among the farmers resulting Making ctr dt the first in the area mangoes are grown, in the state and the avg cost per kg to fall around that of a single cup of tea.DT authorities,miserably failed,to regulate the market.


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