Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bangalore Train (12543/4) Stoppage at Chittoor Extended

Another credit in the feather of Manachittoor & CRTA.

One anonymous reader brought attention to the fact that stoppage for Yesvantpur-Tirupati train : 12543/12544 stop is being lifted off at Chittoor from 15 october 2011. The Chittoor station name is removed from train stop list on reservation sites too.

This train is the fastest train from Chittoor to Bangalore and just takes 4 hours to reach KR puram with a cost of Just 89 Rs

CRTA (Chittoor Rail Travellers Association) came in to picture and we started numerous petitions and requests to South Central Railway. Finally as per the public demand the railway authorities budged and extended stoppage at Chittoor till June 2012 which we are sure will further continue.

Now little more details on this train:

Click on above image for details of timings, and fare. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Exclusive Interview with PRAVEEN NALLAPOTHULA-The IT Architect of SOFTTOWN in Chittoor

 Our sincere thanks to Mr Praveen Nallapothula for obliging our request and giving this exclusive interview.

# Personal Information briefly to intoduce Mr Praveen to all CTRians

*SoftTown is promoted by Mr. Praveen Nallapothula s/o. Late Sri N. Soundarraja Naidu, a leading labor and industrial law advocate.

*Mr. Praveen is a native of Aragonda Gollapalli which is about 20 Kms from Chittoor. Praveen did his schooling in Chittoor till 12th grade in schools like Chittoor Nursery Convent(1st – 5th Grade), B.Z.High School (6th – 10th Grade) and PCR College (11th and 12th grade).

*Praveen graduated in BE in Computer Science Engineering from Bharath Institute of Science and Technology affiliated to University of Madras in Chennai and went on to complete his Masters in Computer Science from Western Kentucky University – Kentucky, USA.

*Praveen Worked for Motorola ( Cellular Infrastructure Group) for about 9 years and started a company called TeleDNA in 2001 – which deals in providing world class software products for mobile telecom service providers around the world. TeleDNA is based in Bangalore, India and provides employment to about 250 high tech graduates. Praveen was CEO & Managing director for TeleDNA since its inception till May 2011 and was responsible in building the company from zero resources to about 250 resources, raising the required private equity financing and ran it profitably. Under Praveen’s vision TeleDNA has won a prestigious awards by NASSCOM and Ministry of Telecom for being a successful Telecom Product based Indian Company – when most indian companies are service companies.

*Praveen also served as a Board Member in famous Kanipakam Varasidhi Vinayaka Swamy Devasthanam under the guidance of Shri Galla Aruna Kumari – Present Hon Minister for Mines. Praveen is also currently the Chittoor District Chapter Chairman for Young India (YI) which is an affiliated arm for CII.

*Praveen has a lot of passion towards his home town, state and country and wants to be pioneer in making the objectives of SoftTown succeed which are some of challenges that our state and nation is facing today.

*Praveen has always been inspired by his Father Late Shri N. SoundarRaja Naidu a famous and leading labor and industrial lawyer from Chittoor. He always remembers his fathers repeated saying “ No matter what you do and where you stay now, you need to come back and do something good to your parents, home village, town, state and country that has given you the opportunity to become who you are today. Look at Galla Aruna Kumari and Ramchandra Naidu and learn from them….They have left a comfortable life in US and come back ”.

“ My simple goal is to see 2000 families living happily in their own rural villages, breathing green air through direct employment in SoftTown by end of year 2016. And I want these employees not to forget their roots and still help farming to make our nation self sufficient in the food we eat”

#What was the initiative and idea behind Softtown

*Goal of SoftTown is to establish rural IT parks so the rural IT graduates would be able to work in their hometowns only. This will prevent IT workers moving away to nearby cities – thereby leading to economical, social, environmental and agro-industrial imbalance. Every aspect of it will have a huge impact on our nation. Take for example, agro-industrial imbalance. Today most of our villages are empty because most of the farming parents are getting their children a IT degree and once they get a job, they are leaving their village and settling down in nearby cities. And our fore fathers and mothers who become aged can’t do farming. Due to this one day, India as a nation has a risk of not generating its own food grains.

*Countries like Singapore can buy everything because they are a controlled and small country. However, India with a billion population can’t afford to do this. To prevent our nation from this risk, if these IT parks are situated in easily commutable places to villages, I hope that our farmers children will help and work on their existing land during morning and evening hours – by still going to their IT jobs. This IT income can also make them invest in farming. Today just by doing farming, survival has become a issue for farmers due to fluctuations in prices and other environmental issues. My wish is to see younger crowd also in villages when I go to these villages and want them still continue to go for a morning walk to their lands with a neem stick in their mouth – rather than spending a lot of time in Gym’s and walking track parks in cities.

*Like this every aspect I have mentioned above (economical, social, environmental imbalances) will have a huge impact on our nation, if we can establish IT centers in nearby commutable rural areas.

With a brand name of SoftTown, we have started this concept – Software in Towns.

#Why  CHITTOOR was selected

*As I am a native of Chittoor, I wanted to start off this concept in Chittoor. I also feel Chittoor is in midst of two big IT cities, just 3 hrs away from both and will have a great advantage of logistics and proximity to world wide customers.

#Tell us about NGIT

*NGIT will undertake outsourcing IT projects from government and private sectors. NGIT also provide last mile corporate training for new IT graduates. These graduates do not have to go to Hyderabad or Chennai or Bangalore spending a lot of money to get this kind of training – which is very much required to make them employable today.
*NGIT has a state of the art facility with all amenities that a City style IT office provides.

#Tell us about Recruitment & Vacancies

*Training and Recruitment process has already started in the Company.

#Does SOFTTOWN lease office space to other firms interested

*Yes, If anyone also have similar goals and ambitions, we can help them with the infrastructure

#Future plans & Expansion

*The goal of NGIT is to employ 100 IT graduates who has Btech-CS, IT and MCA degrees within 1 year from now i.e by end of Dec 2012, 300 by end of Dec 2013 and about 2000 by end of 2016.

*The current infra structure can accommodate 300 people. Infrastructure expansion will happen from Jan 2013, so we can accommodate more people by then.

#How Do you feel for being pioneer in bringing such huge thing as IT to chittoor

*My parents, my well wishers, my native town, my nation and god has given me the skills I have today. I want to utilize those skills to help people and our nation in need. IT is my skill and Chittoor is my native town..hence IT in Chittoor.

#Thank you sir. Wishing you all success and Glory in your present and future endeavours. 
 **Thankyou venkatesh. I want to appreciate you for spending some time bringing Chittoor into limelite and make it visible to world wide audience. Great job and it is great that you are also spending some time for the sake of Chittoor and our nation

Disclaimer: Mana Chitttoor is only a news and info site. It is not related or associated with Softtown & NGIT

For job enquiries and Other Information, email directly to

Monday, October 17, 2011

World Class Driving Track Coming Up at CHITTOOR

*New RTA office and world class Driving Track are finally ready to be inagurated at chittoor.

* Earlier the RTA and DTC used to run in rented places, Govt has sanctioned 1.5 crores for construction in 2009.

*Land behind New Collectorate in Prasanth nagar area was selected and landmarked. However this land allocatio had run into several legal hurdles and finally cleared last year.

*RTA office was constructed with a budget of one crore and includes offices for DTC and MVIs.

*Diving track is one of the largest in the state and includes testing facilities simulating Highway crossings, Urban Roads, Railway crossings, Traffic signals, Ghat Roads etc.

*Similarly track for heavy vehicles has also been completed.

*CM KKR is likely to inagurate this faclility along with CMC OP services on 27 th of this month

(Photo Courtesy Sakshi)

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Police Complex at Chittoor

                                                                          (News Courtesy Hans India)

*After repeated persuasions, the Government has given a green signal to sanction Rs two crore for the construction of District Police Complex, according to Mr Kanti Rana Tata, Superintendent of Police.

*It may be recalled here that former Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy laid foundation-stone four years ago for Chittoor Police Complex with an outlay of Rs 2.8 crores. It was decided to complete the construction of the complex within two years.

*Initially Rs 80 lakhs was sanctioned and the foundation level of the complex was completed. Due to non-receipt of funds, the construction of the complex has been put on hold for the last two years.

*Mr Kanti Rana Tata who assumed charge five months back could be able to influence the higher ups for the release of the balance budget to Chittoor Police Complex.

*Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, SP admitted that there was shortage of funds to complete the construction of Police Complex within the stipulated period. He exuded confidence that the complex would be completed at the earliest.

Traffic menace in Chittoor:

*Referring to the traffic menace at Chittoor district headquarters town, SP admitted that it was a difficult task to enforce the traffic rules in Chittoor town. He said the roads in Chittoor town were very narrow and encroachments were quite common. He instructed the Traffic Police Inspector to take immediate steps for restoring the defunct traffic signals in Chittoor town.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Dear friends,


Starting from today manachittoor blog officially changes to

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After listening to your suggestions, i wanted to change to official domian but it was already registered. I would like to thank my friend sunil for giving away his domain with out any hesitation.

I would also thank Praveen KS, Chaitu, Sudheer Reddy, Deepak Reddy, Jeevan and many more chittooreans for their encouragement.

Thank you one and all..

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coach Indication boards Installed at Chittoor railway Station

*Atlast finally the efforts of CRTA(chittoor rail travellers asssociation) paid off. Finally after lot of deliberations coach indication boards along with At a glance boards and train information display boards are installed at chittoor railway station on all the three platforms.

*Coach indication boards are digital LED based boards which show the train details and exact position of each coach where its going to stop. So passengers can know their coach position even before train arrives and can avoid last minute running.

*CRTA has repeatedly petitioned Railway authorities since 2008 for this. Pls check the links given at the end of the post to follow the time line.

*Check out the pictures: (With dedicated effort by Praveen KS)

The official inaguration of this Integrated Train Information System is yet to be announced.

Check the links:

News Updates from Chittoor

                                                                (With Inputs from Praveen & Deepak)

* SOFTTOWN opening on 6 th october at 3 PM. This pioneering effort of  Mr Praveen Nallapothula is being appreciated all over the world.
 Congratulations to him.

* NHAI has atlast started survey work for 4 laning Nangili-Chittoor-Ranipet stretch of NH4. Last week survey work was going on near iruvaram byepass and on enquiry it was revealed that the survey is for 6 laning near chittoor city limits. Hope this materialises soon

* Indianoil the largest public sector petroleum company of india has bought 2 acres near iruvaram to construct staff quarters. This is for the employees of upocoming petroleum terminal near yadamari.

* CM s visit is continuously being postponed for some reasons or other. He is awaited to inagurate CMC OP services, Auditorium near MSR, Tank bund and road aroud kattamanchio lake and iondiramma houses near collectorate.

* Chittoor corporation official gazette is being delayed because of telangana unrest.

* Apartment culture is fast catching up in chittoor too.

* Coach Indication boards are atlast installed in chittoor railway station.