Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another IT firm in Chittoor: Kriya IT Private Limited

Dear friends,
Accept my apologies for the delay in updates from mana chittoor. Starting 2012 such delays will be completely eliminated by restructuring Mana Chittoor team. There had been lot happening in and around chittoor, and i will get them to you one by one.

A new IT firm being established in CTR is hiring for some posts. Check the following letter:

Mr Srinivasulu K, a chittorean writes this:

డియర్ Chittooran `s,

Greetings from Sreenivasulu.k,Bangalore,India.

Recently while traveling from Chennai to Bangalore via Chittoor, I have noticed there is Inauguration of software park at NH4, I felt very happy, but I could not stop my car to watch the complete Inauguration ceremony , due to running behind my Business schedule.

But I had long dream to do something to my Home town “మన చిత్తూరు”

Recently I came across some information at net some one started software IT Service Organization at "మన చిత్తూరు పట్టణం లో" I immediately called the mobile no which has been mentioned in that AD.

I had telecon with Mr.chetan – Founder of Kriya IT Pvt. Ltd, he started this IT service Company with aim of to help and create employment opportunities to "మన చిత్తూరు మరియు చిత్తూరు జిల్లా ప్రజల కోసం”. During my conversation his Organization has 60+ employees and planning to scale it up to 100+ by end of March 2012 and hence he is looking for Project Manager and HR Manager who can associate with his organization and take the organization to next level.

I felt this is the right opportunity to me to help మన చిత్తూరు మరియు చిత్తూరు జిల్లా ప్రజలు and encourage Mr. Chetan.
I very pleased to Introduce Mr.Chatan and his Organization Kriya IT Pvt. Ltd to all of you.

Mr.Chetan has completed his MS in US and returned to India worked as software professional with GE and Founded /started Kriya IT Pvt. Ltd at Chittoor (A.P) and his IT services company partnering with a company called NextWealth based out of Bangalore. Please go to and click on partners.

Now his organization successfully providing IT services (Java based Application) in Photobook design to clients in Europe and USA.
Now Mr. Chetan looking for reference for Project Manager and HR Manager who has experience in respective fields and planing to come back to “మన చిత్తూరు” are preferred.

I request you to refer any of your colleagues or friends who are interested in above JOB opportunity

You can reach Mr.Chetan Mob no 09900178122; Email :

మీ `sreeni
Lets Thank Chetan for this info & refer the openings to our friends .
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