Monday, January 9, 2012

News Snippets from CHITTOOR

1. Chittoor Municipal Corporation GO to be released before notification of municipal elections 2012, most probably by this month end.

2. Reliance is planning multiplex and shopping complex in Chittoor. The location search is going on.

3. Auditorium, RTA office and Driving track are waiting for CM to inagurate.

4. New road work connecting kattamanchi and KR palli is under full swing.

5. First platform in Chittoor RS going to be extended towards overbridge. Also tenders for new foot over bridge are called for by SCR authorities.

6. Traffic signals started functioning again. But at peak hours, traffic police are helpless in controlling it. As SP and DSP are committed this time, lets see how it gets solved. But its the duty of citizens to abide by the new traffic rules to make this process easier.

7. Everyone blames narrow chittoor roads to blame for traffic congestion. But this didnt happen over a month or yesr, This is the outcome of decades of negli8gence and carelessness. No one bothered about infrastructure or to distribute the population to periphery by creating facilities. Every citizen in chittoor knows how CTR was neglected over years and whom all to blame.

8. Anand theatre was renovated and reopened.

9. Megamart franchisee is opening in MSR circle.

10. Amararaja is opening a UPS and Electronic unit at Amarraja Digital World City on bangaloreroad by this month end.

11. Funds are sanctioned for new bridge at kattamanchi and the road will be realigned from Venkusa function hall to sugar factory by removing the curves.

12. SBI opened new branch at colllectorate along with two ATMs in the city, with HDFC follwing the suit at mittoor.


  1. 1. Reliance is planning multiplex and shopping complex in Chittoor. The location search is going on.

    > we will get 2 to 3 new theaters in chittoor and good shopping complex

    2. New road work connecting kattamanchi and KR palli is under full swing.

    >It's good . But they are widening the roads which dont have much Kajor--Greamspet road,Durga circle to Vellore road but not the main stretch (Highroad , MSR circle to Durga road, Officers-line road and K R palli)

    3. First platform in Chittoor RS going to be extended towards over bridge. Also tenders for new foot over bridge are called for by SCR authorities.

    >Can i know regarding new foot over bridge from which platform it will start and where it will land.

    4. Anand theater was renovated and reopened.

    >So how does it looks now.Basically Ananda is Quite big theater . How abt the sound system (do DTS is fixed) how abt the seating system?

    5. Megamart franchisee is opening in MSR circle.

    Can i know where it is opening near MSR circle, because there is no place to open any new show rooms near MSR cirle either any of the old one need to be closed like (Reebok or Brandz)show room.

    1. Hi Sudheer...

      Am trying to reply a cpl of yours,
      As we have only 1 & 2/3 PFs so FOB would be among them....just as a replica of the existing FOB but towards the other end.

      Didnt get into ANAND, looks ok from outside,seems just they have painted outside portion,didnt alter much

      MEGA MART should be checked in...

  2. Great thing read abt ,as per todays news ,CTR GH to be upgraded to Super Speciality Hospital.thanx to them who took the intiative & wish they would see till it turns out into a reality.

    Is there any appropriate reason which stopped them to do through out all this time.(NABH accredited GH last year. no improvement /any news of developments since then)

    On ground level ,GH,till now, very much lacks proper building(walls with flaws/old seeming an old building). drinking water(pipes leaking), sanitation(cleanliness not on par with a Hospital)….Need to say abt the Maternity ward….

    Need for Trauma Care unit,its very much should be looked into ,admist of NHs.

    Opp.KMG School,we have this Municipal Maternity Center, which floats in urine, probably its against the Human Rights nursing those pregnancy/delivery women in such pungent/vomiting kinda premises…

    Probably first realistic step in the direction of getting kandeluru,seen,as revenue dept nodding to handover land to RWS.

    Education in Municipal Schools n infrastructure, has to be urgently addressed

    Very motivating & leading up from the front ,abt this move by CM from J&K ,asking Electricity board to disconnect power supply to his own home n to that of the other fellow ministers from VIP power grid enabling them to divert to emergency depts. working in the state.,

  3. Liked this concept of Food Courts by MCD (Municipal Corp of Delhi)started a few months b4 , where the remaining food ,from the functions/ceremonies are brought to & distributed to public, instead of wasting them in their own homes

    Probably with the influence of Mr.Venkaiah Naidu,an able orator, uncontroversial politician,known for his love to his mother land,Venkata chalam (8kms from NLR bypass),IITTM institute(Institute for tours & travels Mgt),1st in South India, is to come up at..

    Ports which act as revenue churners through cargo /freight carriage,Krishna Raja Patnam,is a major revenue source for NLR,also its scheduled for development by Gov of AP(GAP).

    Exceeding the limit of neccesity ,thermal Power projects are permitted in the NLR dt.we lag in these power projects.

    CTR carrying the Telugu & Tamil flavors in good proportion,since childhood, believe that CTR deserves a “Centre of Higher Learning in Tamil & Telugu” which has a great future in Translation/Interpretation works, dubbing industry(as dubbed movies are equal /more than in number of straight movies in telugu) .we have greater chance of employment if the language skills of our men are enriched/polished

  4. With this Hosakote to Sri Perumbudur 6lane road,the rural Ctr ,KGS(Kuppaara Gurrappa Sathram),YDM,GDPL areas ,surrounding villages getting directly affected,let them have a good price for their lands. & turn developed.

    Day b4 yesterday Eenadu(DE page 2) carried an ad for those experienced in cattle farm Mgt based at Kuppam.for which interview is at Sindhu towers ( for including CTR,ATP,KDP dts)

    Thanx to JA(Joy Alukkas) carrying regular ads in Telugu & Tamil dailies.,which may make people from the state to findout the location of CTR.

    For the jewel buyers, if you look out for more variety /different showrooms ,VLR has 1.JOY 2. JOS Alukkas 3.Nathella 4.Kalyan 5.another famous jewellery shop. TPT has 1.Khazana 2.GRT 3.Gold Plus from TATA

  5. CTR on par with Cities like BLR,Thaambarm(near CNI),Madurai etc,,,,

    Interesting stats showcasing the significance of Gandhi Circle in South India,Indian Bank ATM receiving the 5th max number of hits in south,

    SBI continuing its fury with ATMs, this time on CSt(Church Street) close to GH Next to Apollo Pharmacy.

    PLMR Rd (out)/MGR Rd(in)(via Depot Rd) (till / from)DGA is made one way.

    Dinakaran carried a well written article abt Shikaris Occupancy in the MBS & question the incompetency of Dt./Municipal/Police personnel in this regard.

    Bharat Matrimony’s Telugu Matrimony to come up on PH Rd,Next to Under bridge..

    CTRians should know abt this Rasana Palle(near Cheela palle off VLR Rd/ ARK Rd),the place for is hub for arrack production.(in this recent context of Adultered arrack claiming invaluable lives of many labourers )

    CTR Police asking to leave information at 08572- 234 100/222 for the families which go off station during this vacation

    Nature doesn’t have any borders/discretion,goes as per its own rules…..This time Thane affected many lives,destroying 4 lakh homes/2 lakh Hectare yielding crop area @ Cuddalore,,,

    Philanthropists /who all can able to do something for those who are affected, are requested to donate by CM.TN by sending Crossed DD/ Bank Challan favouring
    “CM’s Common Relief Fund”,Tamil nadu" '
    to be sent to
    “Join Secretary & Treasurer ,
    CM’s Common Relief Fund,
    Ministry for Economic Affairs,
    Chief Secretariat, Government of Tamil Nadu,
    Tamil Nadu .PIN 600009”

    Taking the name of god we can donate this (instead of offering in Hundials) for which tax exemption is given under 80(G)

  6. Hi as a native of chittoor living in USA I am very happy to say I am regularly in touch with my hometown because of you people.

    As I read about traffic woes and recent changes happening, can some one write what is common mans perception in this. How are the traffic signals working. Are people following them. What are all the one ways now. Are they good or are they further causing any logs.vksp can you write in detail about real situation

    What happened to new 3 star hotel at iruvaram. Is it under construction.

    As the population continuously increases an addition of another 50000 people in 5 years is enough to choke chittoor. Why are we not planning for future.

  7. Nice to see People like you expressing your concern and interest for CTR,

    Traffic in CTR can only be effectively solved when the roads are widened, FOBS /underways come up at imp Circles,If possible like a FLY OVER,Along with proper functioning of signals..

    All the steps which are taken would reduce the stress to a little extent.Regarding the common Man’s perception,definitely unwilling to follow some rules/restrictions,because theres joy in going across/ in the opposite direction .Anyways would cope up with the time..

    As of now heavy vehicles especially bus,lorry,tractor are to move in the one way during peak hrs,,, read Direction – Circle where the one starts/terminates- in to /out of city in brackets
    1) South – Chowdeswari Cr -(CB Rd/RG Rd) Cr,2)West –DGA Cr (via Depot Rd – MGR Rd /PLMR Rd) 3.North West - MNGSMD - (MVV Rd – NH18- CBS / Bhavana Rd) 4.North – Under brige – (CBS./PH Rd).

    Its believed to be a Vishnu Bhavan’s venture,3 star @ IRVM,,,no info to confirm that…

    We cant estimate the CTR’s population growth,that easy,turning our previous estimates on 2011 census(provisional data) ,probably CTR the least grown DHQ town in AP or atleast in RYLS.Even number 2 towns ,of RYLS like Adoni,Nandyal,Prodduttoor,,,having better population,..

    Irony is this in 1991 CTR ,Tirunelveli in TN,KDP all the 3 around 1.25 lakh,,,,By 2001 TNLVL rose to 4.5 lakh becoming 6 th imp city of TN..donno what are the reasons for its shooting growth,, 2001 census have KDP’s population lesser than that of CTR ,by 2011 it has crossed 3 lakh figure

  8. Planning for the future definitely to be down by our municipal administration ,,,identifying the traffic causers (MBS,Market,GH) which add to the busy- ness of CSt,the Ranganathan St of CTR,,,

    So if one think up to relocate these MBS./Market if not GH for which a better approach road from the rear end would reduce the choking…

    Market can be thought abt to be shifted to some place like Agriculture Mkt yard/ Mango mundy,Because owing to the Narrowness of NH18 ,its not easy for heavy wheelers to unload / take free turn there.As we have enough space in the city to look for alternate place can be given for Mango mundy…

    Instead of Centralised vegetable market ,there are two raithu BZR exists one on south Near NGO, another at KRP towards East ,like wise 2 more raithu BZR/vegetable markets would cater the peoples domestic needs…

    With RTC Bus Terminus ,KRP got some added value ,further got developed.
    CLCTRT moved 2kms outside the town,now CLCTRT area has some added value,which would further get developed.
    RTA office now would move 8kms from Sambaiah Kandriga to Prashanth Ngr,which would be point of LOCI for further development,

    Definitely decentralization,improving Mass transportation,finding the areas which has a better water bed level ,to encourage future layouts to be made at,,

    Also some one by name Murali is so interested with the concept of site formation (STD site/half n double sites) Rd width etc,atleast for free movement of water carrying tankers.

  9. New(s) for me to know TheneBanda has a CANARA BANK off the Main Road,even B4 the Muthyalamma(n) Temple

    And For those who couldn’t able to retrieve the data needed,,,,,
    Roughly 8.5 Cr is the T.P (Total Population) of AP,of which 5.6 is the V.P (Voting Population),
    41.7 Lakh TP / 26.3 VP Lakh of CTR DT

    Now, Media reported it to be 2.2 Lakh (expected population),my estimate was around 1.9 lakh ,turning both of our expectations upside down.,

    1.53 lakh TP of CTR Town,1.75 lakh TP of CTR UA (Urban Agglomerate)which includes surrounding village Panchayats Thene Banda,Doddi Palli,MurukamBat.

    UAs in our closet ,KDP – 3.5 lakh, ATP 3.5 lakh,TPT -4.6 lakh,KRNL – 4.8 lakh ,NLR -5.7(,NLR, KRNL & TPT are in top 10 of AP),

    VLR – 4.8 L.,Gudiyattam – 1.2,AMBR – 1.2,Vaaniyambadi- 1.16 ,HOSUR -2.3,
    Rnpt – 2.3 L,Kancheepuram – 2.2 L…

    Kolar -1.4,Robertsonpet @ KGF -1.7….

    Also,I was too keen to see a better representation in legislative assembly as CTR – Urban,but as per the data available, CTR constituency with CTR municipality,CTR Rural,GDPL Mandal, the least in number of VP in the dt…1.56 lakh ,,,which means its best represented,,or else the VP limit to carve out a constitutency has to be lowered,which seems unlikely with present conditions..

  10. hi vksp, first of all someyhing went very wrong in the present census. lets see these examples

    1. ctr population was 151000 in 2001. now census says 153000. do you believe ctr population increased only 2000 in 10 years. laughable. was there this much crowding, traffic, houses, schools, banks etc etc in 2001. arent we daily watching how ctr is becoming over crowded.

    2. municipal authorities say voters increased to 1.2 lsakhs from 87000 in 2004. municipal revenues more than doubled. 1.67 aadhar cards were issued in municipality alone. now can any one tell me how is this possible.

    3. thirdly present caste based census will throw some light.

    hope everything will be corrected before actual census data is released.

    UA of ctr actually includes only 4 panchayats. what about others proposed to merge with ctr during corporation announcement last year. total 15 villages. Then definitely corporation will be reality

  11. Hi VKSP,

    Great work asusual .. thank you .. i got the same doubt ctr population has increased only 2000 where as other small towns population is increased by atlease 40000 which is not fair .. how ever if development happens less population is always good though ..

  12. As a Aspirant dreamer,like to dream /wish to see CTR like this.For some time,keeping the ground realities all beside,who can dream/wanna see a better CTR.,continue to read

    1)CTR city,with its 9 km radius on Principal Roads, 6 kms on arterial & 4 km rural roads.So Principal Roads should be 4 laned ( 20metre) ,Arterial roads into BLPS (10m) ,Rural Rds bi laned(7 km),,
    2) Lighting appropriately,(using low power consuming high light emitting bulbs,/ Making use of best advanced mass light provision methods)
    3) Drains and Sewage system well organized,,,Using best bio techniques available to treat sewage water & waste materials,especially cities of foreign nations,following this.
    With the present conditions PLMR with its Municipal Commissioner fully in action successful in bagging state award for the second time,consecutively,,he used wastage as input in vermi compost,,,
    4) Identifying Express Bus Stops for every Km,and Ordinary Bus stop for every 0.5 Km on all the roads,,
    5)Dividing city into 7 Zones with a Head quarter Unit for each zone,to administer the Municipal Needs of that particular zone (Electricity/ Drinking water/Waste Water mgt etc ),a UHC(Urban Health Clinic),A mini bus station..
    Preferably the HQ unit can be at 4kms from Gandhi Cr,to remain easily/centrally accessible to all the areas .like
    I) Cental zone : The core town
    II) East : @ Sambaiah Kandriga
    III) West : Iruvaram
    IV) North : Murukambat
    V) South : Reddy Gunta
    VI) North west : Obana Palle
    VII) South East : Chennama Gudi Palle

    6) Developing Ring Roads/ Alternate Roads in keeping the future interests/ demands of the public…
    I) Ring 1 / (I) – Inner Ring : 2kms from Gandhi Cr,a 7 metre wide,by least..
    Major part of this road exists some where it has to be laid..
    for ex.. From MDK Rd(Masonics-Deer Park –Krishnaveni Rd) theres a road till Jaanakara Palle Cr,,,via Brahmin St- GreamsPet- Ambedkar Ng)
    From Janakara Pl to KMC via Gangana Pl- Thene Banda- Santha Pet .has to be laid,
    From KMC to KRP via Morugani Pl,theres a road existing,which should be strengthened appropriately….
    II) Ring 2 / (IM)– Intermediate Ring – 4kms from Gandhi Cr,
    From CLCTRT to Murukamabat.theres a byepass existing, as NH4- MVV Rd.from there to CLCTRT/near by via Sambaiah Kandriga,,,,has to be laid
    III) Ring 3/ (O) – Outer Ring – 6kms .
    Penumur Crs – Thana- Gangasagar- Kukkala Pl – Thellagundla Pl – NH18,,,as all these areas come under CTR Corp…
    IV) Ring 4/ (P) – Peri Pheral Ring – 10kms
    GDN- YDM- Ramapur-(189 not 180)Kotha Pl – Muthirevulu Banda Palli @ M Banda Palli on NH18.

    7)As said b4, providing Mass Transportation,under ground water availability,making vegetables/other domestic needs available well in encourage future layouts

    Like every one ,Even I know where we are ,but with the time , coming together, using best available techniques while the time of execution,for the GOODS of CTR ,,its possible….we write an exam for 100 marks not necessarily we get a centum but we put our best efforts for

  13. "Mahati" is the instrument in the hands of Maharshi Narada... would ours be "kachchapi" instrument in the hands of Goddess clue what are they going to name it as...

    Nunjerla Boating Project,seems being developed by JMC Near Bhoomi Reddy Pl,off Paradarami Rd/

    I Know who this anon can answer him..
    i)Dont follow this aadhar, because there are many a blunder,Recall this AJ carrying a detailed report abt the huge errors flew in at Uppal,HYD.

    ii)Municipality has declared its voters as 1.1 lakh a little while b4,while i mailed you,(MPL was with 1 lakh)..Later on Revision, municipality took the VP to looking for the final VP from the Municipality.

    iii)Like you all, am as well so wanting the Corp to become a quick reality .UA population of CTR said to be 1.75 doesnt include the villages ,as data of those Villages yet to be released,as i beleive.

    Some how they would manage to make it a corp,as GO is already signed,only to be released..

    Todays Sakshi Main carried the news of ONGL to be made as 17 th city,against as expected ,KMM to be 17th ,CTR 18th,ONGL 19th..

    We need to become a clean n reasonable TIER - III city instead of being a Naam Ke Vaasthe....

  14. Very sad chittoor didn't get GO yet as corporation but as per news today ongole got it....

  15. Amongst 10 or more towns which were in the size of 1.5 lakh in population,in 2001,none of us weren’t able to anticipate that KDP would grow up to this size,also to have 2nd only airport in RYLS,every one who goes through would find the roads well widened

    Infact with the same size, even b4 NLR (which was much bigger town now n then), KDP was corporationised,in 2004, then NLR was done in 2005 n ATP in the same year,

    Also it (KDP) has been rated # 4 in HRD (Human Resource Development) from #10,against which CTR going down to #13 this time,from prv # 12 amongst the dts of AP.

    Infact all the growth n development in n around KDP town n dt ,like never ever b4 in the history,all affiliated to that person who acted chief of the state,during that period,,cleared his debt to this home town/DHQ…
    Truly man of/for his soil..(Not going with his policies here)

    We should welcome development in every town of CTR, be at KUPM., TPT,PILR in every nook n corner of the dt,at the same time interests of DHQ should be up held but not should be at the rate of….

  16. Now let us look out at the prospects of having 4 lanes in the principal roads with in the city limits…

    4 laning of Principal roads, can be done in two phases,,Phase I & II

    In phase – I
    1)CPH road : already started with this from FCI to Thana (3 kms to 6kms) ,
    so broadening /strengthening from ITI junction to FCI (1km ) would be pending.

    2)RG road : from Chamanti Pur – CLTRT( 1.7km to 4 km),is much awaited,already abt to start with,just matter of time..(instead of delaying this ,better to take a diversion from Techno School to Durgamma Temple) as a 4 lane, from there to CLCTRT 2.6 to 4km) no big issues

    3)Bhavana Rd.: From PNC School to MGSMD Cr (2.4 to 4km) its already 4 laned..
    From SPT Bridge,(possibly with a bridge ,4 laning till PNC (1.4km) should be done
    { by pass is already in plans at E Seva}

    4) PLMR Rd. : From JNKP Cr to KJR ( 2km to 3km)theres already a 4 lane existing,
    From DGA to JNKP (1kms) & KJR to NH4 (1..8 km ) should be done.

    5)PH Rd: From under bridge widening till KMC ( 1km to 2km),from there to MKBT/PNMR Crs,…but this comes under NHAI Jurisdiction,,,Appropriate steps can be taken in the direction to get this stretch done…

    HDFC opened its branch,,

    SBI with 4 branches in the town,may have the 5 th in the closet ( like 10 to15kms)
    Already we have One at Bomma Samudram (21km from CTR), another at PTLP (17kms)

    As I could see no signs of Mega Mart in MSR Cr,as of now

    Next to BOB(Bank of Baroda) a mega construction enclosed under coconut leaves

    Got to listen to something really which have to be checked in,as per some sources( most probable).the man in Action,from CBI ,JD ,has relation ship with CTR.i would comeback to add on to it.,…

  17. Project for 4 Laning of Mulbagal – AP/KNT Border section of NH - 4 from Km. 216.912 to 239.100 in the State of Karnataka to be executed as BOT (Toll) on DBFO pattern under NHDP Phase-III


    Mana Chittoor MP Adukuthinadaniki kuda panikiradu.

  18. If my follow through the media was right,R& B minister then,Now Minister for Mines,Mrs. Galla,had given out the details ( KMC Bridge, ROB @ 3 places)on NH18,quite a few months b4.

    She announced the four laning of NH18 from MKBT – PTLP as well then ,lets wish that soon should kick start,
    The other two works she cleared / approved then seems
    1)2 laning of BGP – ARG (via Gajula Palle Cr) 2) Extention of Bandala Doddi (near BGP) to meet (PLMR – GYT) at Saami Chenu Mitta,

    Got meet to a person,through a common friend,a cpl of days b4, who started running running a Monthly magazine from CTR,since Nov ‘2010.It has the reach, well through out the dt,KDP,Putta Parti,Krishna Giri. He showed me the issues which majorly projects on school goers.Also it does includes certain tidbits abt surrounding place history around ctr,Mythological,Yoga,Ads covering shops in CTR etc,interviews of VIPS,,,

    Through him I got to know abt the possible relation of JD,CBI,yet to get the full info,,,Thanx to Mr.Uma Pati,Editor.VIDYARTHI BHAVITHA,who shared this info first hand with me,,,

  19. Congrats to RASS Munirathnam.Hope our Own Padmanabha Naidu of Amma Odi would be honored in the same way,in coming years.

    HDFC is opened Sri Ranga Towers,on JK ST, close to RAGHAVA TALKIES

    CTR Walkathon seems to be organized,probably this would lead to many other public oriented programs,to come up in future

    Nice to learn MLAs of CTR & its surrounding constituencies i.e, GDN & PTLP,got inducted into various assembly councils.These would provide the chance to interact with senior n top brass leadership,to get the needful from them,to their respective constituencies.

    As per Todays AJ Main ,P2: theres a news related to CTR – BNGP(Bangaru Pet) instead of CTR – Nengali…I think its more appropriate to have the line enroute YDM – VKT – BNGP,which would reduce the distances bw CNI – BLR, TPT – BLR,considerably.,

    Still no info abt the Natural Gas through Pipeline from YDM (IOCL)..

    As per todays Sakshi D’Edn,..
    CTR Municipal Budget is 36.48cr for 2012-13 of which
    SC - 84.85 L
    ST - 42.42 L
    Women & Children dev – 28.28 L
    Physically Handicapped – 22.62 L
    Slum - 2.26 cr
    Wards dev -
    Various other dev - 13.06 cr
    Electric relate - 60 L
    Water supply - 4.84 cr
    R & B - 1 cr
    Cleanliness - 2.3 cr

    This is for carrying out routine development activities through out the year,,We should look for spl Grants / unplanned grant ,whenever its possible to carry out other development works.

  20. 76 L is reportedly being spent on CB Rd works &
    50 L on Under Bridge – RDSP(Reads Pet)

    Various developments took place..Purified water plant each at DDP,MAHM(Murukambt Agrahaaram),MGSMD,Moraji RWS(Rural Water Supply),& other internal CC Rds

    Office to monitor developments given during Centenary Celebrations @ DDP.

    Kranti Ratan Tata again should be accoladed for showing keen interest in selected the PCs

    Across the border
    As we know the smaller towns like TVM,Polur,Arcot are granted with Under ground Drainage works

    Now Arcot,Tirupattur(smaller),Cuddalore (comparable with CTR) are going to get Peri Pheral roads,to by pass the towns,

    For 20 kms at CDLR close 27 Cr is allocated primarily allocated for mere Land Procurement,this shows the commitment of JJ

  21. With Tirapati’s Para Pati growing large , upto national level.The back Bone for its development is TTD which was constituted in 1935,picked with pace of developments,switched onto new heights Since NTR’s Regime.

    Since then TPT start Getting constantly updated with developments n media hype, which further caught greater attention of GAP(Gov of AP) n neglecting CTR gradually, making it(former) as informal HQ

    Already its flooded with Public n Pvt institutions.Prestigious SVIMS,SVMC.

    Now with Mega Cine Star adding color to it (whos aiming to bring 200 cr initially of 405 cr)& together with MP worked out to get 300 cr for Railway Station (intl),370 Cr for Airport,20cr for Maternity clinic, Major developments of RUIA,

    RAY(Rajeev Awas Yojna – to eliminate slums),JNNURM(funds & Buses for mass transportation)..What more u need to develop a city…its looking towards completion. probably reaching 1million within 5-7 yrs crossing tier –III Cities like GNTR

  22. Tax evasion hits Chittoor civic development works
    Chittoor: Lack of funds due to the non-recovery of taxes by the Municipality is marring the various developmental programmes in Chittoor district. The Municipality has to remit Rs 2.5 crore under water transportation in the town. The inactiveness of the employees concerned brought down the recovery of property tax drastically. It was reported that many big shots of the town were not paying property tax.

    Besides, it was also alleged that some bill collectors of the Municipality were collided with prominent people who evade taxes for selfish motives.

    Despite serious instructions and orders from Chittoor MLA CK Babu for improving the recovery of property tax, the officials have stuck to their ways of functioning forcing the Municipality to face financial problems. Speaking to The Hans India here on Saturday, Revenue Inspector Varma admitted the poor recovery of property tax in Chittoor Municipality.

    “We collect property tax on households twice a year to the tune of Rs 3.5 crore. The recovery of the tax from government offices and certain departments is a cause of concern as they do not respond even to notices. There is also insufficient staff,” he said.

    In this backdrop, Chittoor MLA CK Babu fixed targets for the Municipal employees in collecting property tax during a meeting, he said. Varma alleged that many of the dignitaries of the town were intentionally avoiding tax remittance with their political support.
    He declared that no one will be spared if they evade tax payment and said that a list of tax evaders will be published in print and electronic media soon, with the consent of Chittoor MLA.

    According to official sources, Chittoor Municipality has to recover approximately an amount of Rs 7 crore towards property tax per annum. The Revenue department has collected Rs 1.24 crore leaving the balance of Rs 5.76 crore as arrears.

    There are 29,950 households in the town and 37 wards. It was said that only 45 per cent of people are regular in remitting the tax whereas Rs 10 lakh was due from some big shots.

    The Municipal Administration was said to be in a helpless condition regarding property tax payment as many of the tax defaulters are reportedly playing a key role both in the ruling and the opposition parties, making the dues’ collection a Hercules task for the Municipality.

  23. CM’s promise to make Chittoor a corporation remains effete

    Chittoor: Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy had promised eight months ago to upgrade Chittoor municipality as a Corporation along with Ongole and Khammam municipalities. It was believed that a GO would be issued in the regard. The Congress Party has taken it as an advantage for boosting the morale of the Congress government.

    While the government has released GOs upgrading Khammam and Ongole municipalities as Corporations it kept the case of Chittoor in abeyance. It had caused widespread resentment in the district.

    It may be stated here that many of the CM’s promises for the district did not get fulfilled so far and many of them are yet to be completed. While participating in the district centenary celebrations held in April 2011, the CM declared an assistance of Rs 4500 crore for creating drinking water sources throughout the district.

    The authorities concerned have initiated a detailed survey and prepared a skeleton report to the government. It is learnt that the Finance Minister did not give the green signal for the CM’s promise so far.

    As a result, the district administration is in confusion, whether to go ahead or not. The district Collector Solomon Arokia Raj in his Republic Day message did not mention about the CM’s promise of Rs 4500 crore due to its uncertainty of fund allocation.

    Speaking to The Hans India here on Sunday, Chittoor Municipal Commissioner Varma admitted that no GO was released for upgrading Chittoor municipality as Corporation. He said that the District Collector has sent a report to the Principal Secretary for initiating necessary steps to give a Corporation status to Chittoor.

    “There are 14 surrounding Grama Panchayats to Chittoor municipality. Initially, they have refused to absorb the Grama Panchayats into the proposed Chittoor Municipal Corporation. Solomon Arokia Raj has taken the initiative of convincing the Grama Panchayats and delinking them with the mandals. A detailed report was sent for the consideration of the government,” he added.

    He said that the entire structure of the Chittoor municipality would be changed in a broad way.

  24. Hi,

    Check this out....

    B’lore-Chennai expressway gets clearance from Centre


  25. whats the use of this expressway if theres no exit or entrance in chittoor???

    1. If it has entrance or exit from chittoor...then it is not an expressway!! Think in that sense!!

    2. Yes of course but the question is what is the use this expressway to CTR ?

  26. haha u funny man US has many express ways which has 10'S of exits where ever its needed .. expressway doesnt mean that it shouldnt have expressway..

  27. haha u funny man US has many express ways which has 10'S of exits where ever its needed .. expressway doesnt mean that it shouldnt have exit..

  28. Concentration of Power & funds at only one place may lead to dissatisfaction ,which may sprout out into Seperatist movements,…

    Making kolar /Tiruvallur as capital would leave no difference in the impact for a “common man”.

    Power Decentralisation in the order of
    State Capital – Regional Capital – Zonal Hq (division of 23 dts into 8 zones) – DHQ- RD HQ (Revenue Division HQ) – Constituency HQ – Taluk HQ(CTR Dt has 15 taluks + 7 sub taluks for 66 mdls which can be treated as 22 taluks over all) – Mandal HQ- Municipal Admn/Gram Panchayat – Wards/ Villages & Hamlets.

    The largest RD in India,in the name of MPL,would be no more,with PLMR RD would coming into picture sooner…

    Also URB mandals of CTR,MPL,SKHT, is a distant possibility,.

    Instead of Breaking the DT,they may have yet another RD like PILR in the centre of MPL – TPT,cutting down the unnecessary movement into DHQ/Cities,for smaller things

    And Regarding Municipal administration Like JNNURM is funded by Centre,TN Govt has come upto provide basic infra n other developments in 7 M’Corps n 8 Municipalities which are UAs.,depending on their size.

    We desperately need such kinda funds to update the infra on date ,focusing to meet the demands in near future,,

    Authorities have to look into preparing DPR (detailed Projects Reports ) in the direction,which should be politically influenced to get the funds..

  29. Heart felt condolences for NCP’s family,we recognize his work n efforts …Hats off to him

    As per discussions with one of the Police personnel quite some time b4,who went onto say,till 1970s.CTR was industrially well developed hub,looked up only after KRNL…

    Dairy ,Nutrine,CCS(co-op sugars),Distillery,Poultry,,,which were supporting the employment needs of CTR then, highliting up the name as well…..

    Close to 3 decades we remain laggard,in many aspects ,,for which we easily point out fingures at one / a group which likely to felt responsible as per one’s experience /opinion,but what are the efforts of the fellow CTRians,within their limits ,possibly…..Should be thought abt,,,

    Gandhi,Prakasam,NTR names & Statues can be seen through out the state,we weren’t fed up /got to see with the contributors for CTR town ,which is abt to complete Century within 5 yrs…..

    Don’t say no one has done anything worthy…Its flash back time to look into Municipal Minutes/records to bring the reasonable/decent contributors for CTR.

    Its necessary to remind n memorise our forefathers possibly having the roads/statues in their names / respecting them appropriately…

    As per the info available, MPL registering steady growth rate (both population n Economical),presence of it close to BLR (140 kms) ,2nd hub for movies in the dt,3rd in Edu,comfortably surpassed CTR with UA population – 1.79 Lakh ..where as CTR 1.73 L

    AJ has come with the stats CTR ‘s VP -90.2 lakh (as a Municipality not an UA),SKHT’s – 80 L,,,which is also very much well behind,..

    I doubt that VP of SKHT,

    Anyways,time to “Run CTR Run “to hold back its glory n glow brighter forever, which needs the support of all us…

  30. For the anon who questioned abt EWs ,,As we couldn’t have a fourlane ways on our own inorder to reach both of those metros on our own,,this provides the chance ,thereby ,,after all ,we have a very few 4 lanes in AP connecting towns/cities (NH 5/9 etc)..

    Secondly ,good land value in this dry region

    Thirdly Accidents on this narrow NH4 between PLMR – CTR – RNPT would reduce invariably…

    Industrial Corridor can start to develop if steps are taken in the right direction,,,like CTR – VLR stretch ,around Narahari Pet /Bomma Samudram,,,

  31. Eenadu district edition mentions Chittoor corporation GO in 1 week.

    1. Excellent news. Hope it will not remain yet another un fulfiled promise.

    2. >Now it's APSRTC turn to neglect Chittoor,being a district HQ we don't have at least one air conditioned(ac) bus service between Chittoor-Hyderabad running by our Chittoor depot. Madanapalli depot got 1 set of air-conditioned bus named "INDRA" ,which is newly introduced by APSRTC and even Madanapalli depot operates Garuda(volvo) service from Madanapalli-Hyd.......Its really shame to us.

  32. >Chittoor got one more volvo service by Shambavi Travels(Oranage Bus Service)ticket price is 600 Rs. They are charging 80-100 Rs lesser than Kesineni and Diwakar travels.

    List of volvo services starting from Chittoor

    Kesineni Travels:

    1.Chittoor-Hyderabad starts at 9 PM from MSR Muncipal Shopping complex
    2.Chidambaram-Hyderabad(Via Chittoor)Multi Axle starts at 10 PM from MSR Muncipal Shopping complex

    Diwakar Travels:

    1.Vellore-Hyderabad(Via Chittoor) Multi Axle starts at 9 PM opposite to Alankar hotel vellore road
    2.Pondicherry-Hyderabad(Via Chittoor) Multi Axle starts at 10 PM opposite to Alankar hotel vellore road

    Orange Bus Service(shambavi Travels)

    1.Chittoor-Hyderabad starts at 7 PM from Old Bustand

  33. where is reliance mall and theaters coming up??

  34. Civic poles to Chittoor and Tirupati unlikely

    Elections to Chittoor Municipality and Tirupati Municipal Corporation are likely to be postponed. District Collector Solomon Arokia Raj is said to have submitted to the Election Commission explaining the technical difficulties in conducting the elections.

    Chittoor: Elections of Chittoor Municipality and Tirupati Municipal Corporation are likely to be postponed. District Collector and Special Officer of Tirupati Municipal Corporation Solomon Arokia Raj and Special Officer of Chittoor Municipality O Seshaiah are said to have submitted a report to the Election Commission explaining the technical difficulties in conducting the elections for the two civic bodies.

    Some time back, Municipal Administration Minister Mahindra Reddy had announced the government’s decision to hold elections for all the municipalities and corporations in the state on or before May 2012.

    Following this, the District Election Authority had urged the administration to complete the formalities at the earliest. Except Chittoor and Tirupati, Madanapalli, Srikalahasti, Punganur, Palamaner, Puttur, and Nagari Municipalities are ready for the elections.

    Meanwhile, there was a proposal to upgrade Chittoor, which is a grade one municipality, to a municipal corporation. Following Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy’s announcement to this effect Khammam and Ongole were upgraded as corporations, keeping the Chittoor case pending.

    There are 37 wards in Chittoor municipality reserved for scheduled castes. The process of merging the surrounding 17 villages into the proposed Chittoor Municipal Corporation is still to be taken up.

    It was rumoured that a prominent district Congress leader was not interested in upgrading Chittoor as a corporation for his political mileage and hence forced the Election Commission to postpone the elections for Chittoor municipality and also kept pending the proposal of upgradation.

    Though Tirupati is a Municipal Corporation, no elections were held there ever since it got upgraded with some vested interests approaching the court against holding the elections for Tirupati Municipal Corporation and demanding to declare it as open.
    The election authorities were waiting for the court decision in this regard.

    Meanwhile, elections for Madanapalli, Palamaner, Punganur, Nagari, Putturu and Srikalahasthi municipalities in the district would take place as per schedule, as the respective Special Officers of the municipalities have submitted their reports recommending the election process.

    Speaking to The Hans India, Chittoor Municipal Commissioner Varma made it clear that the process of merging 17 villages into CMC was just completed and a report was submitted for Election Commission’s perusal.

    “We are confident that all the formalities in upgrading Chittoor Municipality as a corporation are completed. Holding elections for Chittoor Municipality is to be decided by the Election Commission,” he added.

  35. Was the GO for Chittor Municipality passed?
    Any one know the cost of plot (per sqft) near the main road in Durga Nagar colony?

  36. Guys,

    I want to start an IT services company (very small one that services the engineering sector along with machine tool design). Currently, I'm the only employee working out of my home in Chennai. Since I'm a native of Chittoor district (Vayalpadu), I've decided to shift my operations into Chittoor.

    However, I'm unable to decide on where to hire a house and have the company. Two locations I have in mind are Chittoor and Madanapalle. Could someone living in Madanapalle tell me if the network is good enough to sustain 2mbps bandwidth into the internet backbone?

    I'm also concerned of the power cuts in the entire andhrapradesh. I hear they are around 8 hrs for Madanapalle. Although, I've managed to confirm with a friend that unlike the reported 6hrs power cut, it's only 2-3 hrs in Chittoor. Can someone living in Madanapalle confirm how long are the power cuts in the city.

    What do you guys suggest is a better place to start the company - Chittoor or Madanapalle?

    I like this site. Keep up the good work people.


  37. in all terms like access, man power, future growth, NH connectivity
    chittoor is the best place to start ur venture, let us make chittoor the hub b/w chennai and bangalore to that level with our efforts,

    no doubt, invest in chittoor

  38. hi subhash in many ways chittoor is better than madanpalle .. as you got more options for growth too

    and also all the best

  39. Chaitu & Murali,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I shall start scouting for a house in the next couple of weeks in Chittoor. I wonder if there's a tennis court available for hire or as a club anywhere in Chittoor. I can't seem to find one on the internet. And swimming pool :)

    It'd be great to meet you guys in chittoor for a coffee after I set up my office.


  40. Hi guys, Can some one share more details on the Medical college/Hospital buildings coming up at RVS nagar. I think someone associated with SVCET can provide best info

  41. hi chittoor,

    Thank you so much for your inputs. And information on where i can find tennis courts.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Hi Subash,

    Regarding Tennis court , it is located in Kongareddy palli opposite to NPS Bhasakara hotel.

    Regarding Swimming pools we have 2 of them

    1.Near Mesanical Ground (Govt operated)
    2.BANS hotel ( you can check for the facilitates in the website

  44. hi
    a good news is that state railway minister muniappa said that they will release funds for bangarpet - chittoor railway project in this budget.. hope the best


    Nice website with more info abt our district..

  46. chittoor is not going to get corporation santioned for next 5 yearss enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy as it will be goin for elections as a municipality now.......

  47. 75 % of CB Rd work ,completed.,

    RDSP(Reads Pet) road to be open sooner…

    CMC to produce Bio Diesel,,,Remember theres a Compost at OBNP for collecting the Municipal Waste.

    3 SBI ATMs , 1. on Church St next to Apollo Pharmacy
    , 2.Opp To IN Gate off MBS
    3.On CPH Road,opp to SS colony Crs (Sowcar Sulaiman )

    Are to be opened shortly,.

    We are in that part of the land,where even pieces of rocks aren’t able to be removed,,after all we have Dt level Authorities (Supertending Engineer n Executive Engr),,including the Justice DT sessions court,,

    Know the Goddess of the justice is being blind folded but not the men,who work in the court,,,,

    On the other side of the border,,

    To tap on the visitors who come to Golden Temple,they have come up with developing tourism at a place 18kms from there called “Amirti”,,known for water falls,,,@12 Cr there are planning to develop a zoo Park,including leimurs n other rare animal species

    Plastic Tar Rds, (90% Tar + 10% Plastic) are to be laid in VLR @ 42 L

    Bio Electricity is planned out with 160 Tn waste of VMC.(CTR ‘s waste 65 Tn)

    20 Cr has been allotted for VMC for upgradation into Corp…

    JJ ordered to use Adhar for the further issue of Ration cards,,making this as basis to remove the duplicates,,,

  48. Hi praveen, You are very much remembered

    Your concern n interest with CTR is welcomed & well recognized..

    Infact thought to contact u during those Municipal Elections of TN,for some enquiry,
    Read your blog which had some good posts .,

    Reg.pop of CTR n MPL…

    Have no doubt that MPL is abt the size of 1.79 L,especially its grown along the BLR n KDR (ATP ) Rd….Some of us doubt the CTR size,,lets wait for Final Data.

    Hilariously one of the dailies reported the Voting pop of Number 4 th town of CTR DT,SKHT as 80,000, where as CTR’s (Not as UA) 90,200,,I don’t believe that figure of SKHT,but its too growing well n not far behind,,,

    CTR been a DHQ of continuous negligence for almost 3 decades,not to point at some one,presence of TPT /improvement of it taking the lime light away from CTR,,reducing to what we are on date,,,,

    I am of the strong belief,if CTR – VLR sister towns are allowed to be in a single state (AP/TN) we would have seen tremendous growth n development,.,,,(like BLR –HOSR)

    I am very much aspiring for a Common Board for the development of CTR – VLR Corridor,especially for getting the projects, including rail projects,we should work for it,after who would go for it…

    Govt shown enough interest in instituting an integrated check post at NHP(Nara Hari Pet) ,but couldn’t think abt having a common bus terminus at Pallur/Golla Madugu(Border)…After all for the people around this Anupu,Panatoor,Pallur,Golla Madugu,VLR is better n near by Location,to go for,but shunned from proper transport,,,

    Not only we look at VLR for Medication (CMC),Edu (VIT),Rail(KPD),Accessories/Market (VLR central Town)..what does it for a common man anything in HYD/some thing distant ,if hes influenced by the factors which are locally happening,,,

  49. Hi VSKP
    Please do not use short names in your comments. write full name.
    What is OBNP, VLR and VMC?


  50. Though O point for all the principal roads is MSR Cr,(As its for O point for NH18),,Practically GS Cr is taken as O point,which is some 250m away from MSR
    Read the following numbers as distance in kms

    Vellore -37,Gudiyattam – 44,Palamaner -42,
    Pallipat -43,Balija Kandriga -44,Sholingur – 41,Rani pet -46,Walaja -50,Arcot- 52.
    Piler – 58,TPT – 75,Renigunta -87,Puttur-66,Nagari- 60,Tiruttani-68
    Arakkonam – 71,Ambur -73,PernamPat – 64.

    Puthalpat – 17,Kanipakam -13,KGSathram – 13,Aragonda – 20,Irala -25,Pakala-31,Penumur -22,Ganga dhara Nellore -10,Yadamarri -10,

    Kotha pallimitta -21,Ponnai Crs – 23,Bomma Samudram -22,Serkadu Cr-28,Thiruvalam – 35,katpadi -31.Pachika Pallam – 45,

    Rama krishnam Raju Pet(RK Pet) , 47,Nochili -48,Kanchi Gurrappa Naidu Kandriga (KG Kandriga)-57,Podattoor Pet -53,

    Seyyar – 82,Arani – 79,Polur –82, Thiruvannamalai – 120,wanda waasi- 142

    Thiruvallur -115,Uttukottai -100(via Nagari),Satyaveedu -115,Vaaniyambaadi – 91, Krishagiri – 148,Hosur -200

    Punganur -72,Chintamani -137,Chennai -158,Bengloor- 184,Hyd-590,nellore -210,Vijayawada -480,

    Venkatagiri Kota – 82,Kuppam – 120,KGF-118,

    Madanapalli- 97,Kadiri -177,Anantapur – 267.

    Rayachoti -115,Kadapa -165,Mydukur – 200,Allagadda -255,Nandyal- 293,Kurnool – 365(Actually NH says it as 360)

  51. Hi Anon,,,

    Ur point is taken note of ,,,Its not always easy to type all in full length, Those abbreviations are pretty easy to get the word if u think for a min or two,,,More over it would be an active Reading rather a passive pass go through,,,,

    OBNP – ObaNaPalle, DGA – DarGA, GGP- GanGana Palle, TNBD – TheNe BanDa- RMN-RaM Nagar,DGN – Durga Nagar- GPT – Greams Pet,KMC – Katta ManChi,
    KRP – Konga Reddy Palle ,KJR-KaJooR, IRVM – IRuVaraM,
    GGS – GanGa Sagar,MPKS – MaPaKShi,YDM – Yadamarri
    ,GDN – Ganga Dhara Nellore, DDP – DoDdi Palle,MKBT –MuruKkamBaT…

    May I Know why you need to be an anon,to ask the same….

    Small Correction its VKSP,rather VSKP.....

  52. Regarding the corp,nothing Hot or flash to share abt,,,All eyes set out on Caste Census,,,,,

    As per the last info available,13 of 16 village panchayats ,given their consent for dissolving into CTR, the file was said to be at DRDA,HYD for further examination or clearance,

    If you look at those 3VPs which had shown their dissent ,namely DDP(Doddi Palle), MKBT (Murukkambat),Pedda Kalva of GDN ,,,

    DDP is under the surveillance of LGB’s Raghunathan,it was selected for NIRMAL gram Puraskar, Probably don’t want to lose the grip,,,

    MKBT,probably same reason on caste basis

    Pedda Kalva ,no clue abt the politics,but its as distant as 10kms from CTR,(Off CPH Rd,@ Velkoor),that might be the reason why they not interested in..

    If every thing goes on well,CTR corp would of 9-10 kms in radius in Principal Rds, upto 6kms on Arterial/Rural roads,

    Only prob here,what if these 3 VPs goto court opposing this,which may either postpone the elections for all those places involved in..(stay order) or else forced to go to elections as municipality later then going for upgradation,,,

    Main objection in the form of unwillingness to pay higher taxes ,among the public of the new areas.have to be addressed …
    Only way is to improvise all kinda infra in the under developed n developing areas on higher priority.,would console the anti feeling..

    In Contrast to the above, two VPs close to IRVM,,Madhavaram,Jangala Palle, are willing to getting dissolved into the corp…..

  53. This Chittoor –Bangaru Pet ,line survey seems to be finished ,which doesn’t mean its took off,..which especially lies with NKK ,as CTR dt waasi is blessed with another chance to push up this project…

    This would be the rare favour he could ever do,also this “drinking water through out the DT “.Lets pray he would be successful in getting the nod.

    Remember its only in YSR tenure KDP –BLR is widely considered abt..

    The path or the route it takes has to be seen in close…if its via YDM,VKota,Bangarupet, this would be the best,cutting the distance of BLR – TPT,BLR – CNI..

    From 20th KPD – VZP passenger had started the fare at Rs 26.
    Plans are still undercover to divert trains on this VZP – KPD – CTR – TPT route,including Goods..

    We need similar train in KPD – DRMV well..

    No pakka info Reliance complex,might be next to BOB or at Vivekananda or at RVC,might be at any other place....

    1. its is not VZP(Vishakapatanam)---It is Villipuram (VM)

  54. Being Chittoorian we have to feel shame because of we are cursed to born in this waste city. which is very backword comparatively Madanapally and Srikalahasthi.

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