Friday, June 29, 2012


Hi All,

I hope all of you are eagerly waiting to hear something from this website and I have some news :

1)Brandoz multi brand store was opened at msr circle
2)Basics life store was also opened at msr circle
3)Avr E-techno school at k.r palli 
4)Bashyam school at ramnagar colony 
5)Heard that Mrs.Galla Aruna Kumari laid foundation for an international school at B-lore road (if anyone has more information regarding this pls confirm )
6)CMC is organising an innovative event Half Marathon at its new campus in Gudiparla, Chittoor . CMC would offer a certificate to people who participate in this event and complete the whole circuit . Several doctors from CMC are also running the half marathon.

I think CMC running event is the first of its kind in Chittoor and Chittooreans should actively take part in this event to make it a success.The details of this event can be obtained from the following link :

Kudos to CMC for organising such an event in chittoor.

A Request : Mr.Venkatesh is currently posted in a remote place and owing to lack of enough  facilities he couldn´t update this website for the past 3 months. Seeing the enthusiasim of the people from Chitooreans in India as well as all over the world I (Gowtham) requested Mr.Venkatesh if I can take the responsibility of updating this blog until he comes back and Mr.Venkatesh humbly accepted for that request . So if anyone of you have some latest news about chittoor please write to me( putting venkatesh also in copy so that I can share the latest news with all of you in the blog.


Thanks & Regards